About Us


UFC4Wealth is an independent benefits firm providing un-biased advice for ultra-affluent clients and their advisors. We specialize in the design, installation and administration of insurance, retirement and wealth management strategies for family owned and multinational family corporations as well as the value-based needs of the affluent and ultra-affluent.

We work closely with international law firms and other financial service professionals which require access to insurance solutions for cross-border succession and asset transfer for their clients.

UFC4Wealth is a subsidiary of United Financial Consultants; a privately held life and health insurance brokerage firm established in 1982. We specialize in individual and corporate benefits. Since its inception, the company’s focus has been to offer the most competitive, diversified, and quality insurance products and services. We aim to meet the needs of our clients and present the best products available in the market. Over time, our reputation for providing reliable and innovative financial independence for our clients and their families has been the cornerstone of our success. The company focuses in offering traditional and individually structured life insurance products and services. We understand that our clients’ needs never stop changing; we always strive to stay at the forefront and evolve to meet these needs with improved services.

Financial Security
Company Mission

We provide top-notch wealth planning and financial solutions customized to your requirements. We work to achieve this through:

  1. Forming robust collaborations with international banks and financial organizations.
  2. Expanding our network of seasoned associates.
  3. Operating an outstanding advisory and brokerage service dedicated to establishing enduring relationships.

Our financial team includes qualified professionals who provide reliable financial advice. They specialize in creating custom financial plans with updated financial regulations and tailored tax efficient investment strategy considerations. 

We’re a reliable company and our team has the right qualifications to help you plan for your financial future. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable about your money moving forward.

Core Values

Put Others First

Placing the needs, well-being, and success of others—be they colleagues, clients, or stakeholders—ahead of personal interests. This approach is rooted in the principles of empathy, collaboration, and a genuine commitment to fostering positive relationships within the workplace

Mutual Expectations

We have an authentic desire to get to know the people we are serving. We look to create a shared understanding with our clients and advisory relationships, so their objectives become our goals, and their victories become our triumphs.

Respectful Collaboration

We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone's voice matters, diverse perspectives are valued, and individuals work together towards common goals. Achieving exceptional results for our clients demands a collaborative team approach.

No Egos

We embrace a 'No Egos' philosophy, recognizing that true collaboration thrives in an atmosphere of humility and openness. By checking our egos at the door, we create a workplace where ideas, not hierarchies, take precedence.


Learning is a continuous journey of adapting and refining our skills. Through a culture that encourages self-reflection, curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence, we empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Have Fun

We take pleasure in our work, fostering a positive, vibrant culture that fuels creativity and teamwork, making our professional journey both fulfilling and enjoyable.

UFC4Wealth is a member firm of M FINANCIAL GROUP

M Financial Group, Years of Journey

Founded in 1978 on the revolutionary idea that individual success could best be achieved through collective efforts, the Member Firms of M Financial Group work together to make each other even more successful and share a common focus:  to offer a broad range of insurance, investment and executive benefit solutions designed to help clients meet their financial goals. In many respects, M Member Firms have the best of both worlds – access to the resources of a large organization of leading financial services firms and the independence to serve the best interests of their clients.

wealth management strategies

M Financial Group was founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products simply do not meet the needs of the affluent and corporate markets. The client base of M Member Firms represents  premium volume, mortality, and persistency trends, as well as exceptionally high average policy face amounts. This, coupled with M’s buying power, translates into the ability to work closely with major insurance carriers and product manufacturers to create innovative and proprietary products designed for wealth preservation and executive benefits programs.

wealth management strategies

M Financial Group consists of – and is owned by – a national network of over 130 independent Member Firms. M Member Firms are committed to serving their clients in the most ethically responsible and strategically sound manner. While Member Firms may specialize in specific fields, all are experienced in dealing with the complex issues that face affluent clients and their advisors. Member Firms regularly work with top legal, accounting, banking, and other advisors to guide affluent clients and corporations in making important financial decisions.

Working with an M Member Firm provides the assurance of working with professionals whose interests are aligned with those of their clients and who can provide truly customized approaches for specific client needs.

Because we are a part of M Financial Group, you have access to a number of advantages, including M Financial Group’s purchasing power, proprietary products, experience, carrier alliances, and due care.

Please go to mfin.com/disclosure for further details regarding this relationship. For more information on M Financial Group go to mfin.com.