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business insurance

What's included in Business Insurance?

Executive Benefit and Retirement Plans
Succession Planning

Institutional investors and private equity firms often make significant investments in businesses. To safeguard against financial losses in the event of the premature passing of a key person, they secure Key Person Life Insurance. This insurance provides the assurance that they will have the necessary financial support to sustain the company’s marketing and operations in the absence of a key individual. Losing a key person can significantly impact the business, and insurance serves as a protective measure.

Life insurance can also serve as the means to fund the buyout of a partner’s share in the company in case of their passing. Many partnership agreements mandate this, and life insurance offers the required financial means for such buyouts.

We specialize in arranging Key Person Life Insurance for executives. Our process identifies the most suitable insurance to match the risks, and we provide coverage promptly as needed. Additionally, we offer ongoing services, including reporting and premium schedules, to help ensure the insurance consistently aligns with the business’s requirements.

Our insurance solutions help:

Executive Benefits

Executive compensation plans enable organizations to selectively reward their critical employees and top executives. Unlike qualified plans such as 401(k) plans, executive benefit programs come with no prerequisites regarding coverage or participation. This grants companies the flexibility to customize rewards and incentives for each employee, offering maximum design freedom.

Typically, executive benefit plans revolve around protecting executives and their families during their employment, including safeguards against death or disability, as well as ensuring sufficient retirement income. Executive benefits play a pivotal role in helping companies compete for and attract key executives who drive the organization’s growth and profitability. A well-crafted executive benefit program can provide incentives that encourage top executives to remain with the company for an extended period.

These executive benefit plans can be structured to offer flexibility in shaping compensation strategies and can be utilized to:

Disability Income and Buyouts

What happens if a key person or partner becomes ill or injured and can’t return to work? Disability Insurance can assist in providing:


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