Private Placement Annuities and Insurance

What are PPLI and PPVA?

What sets PPLI apart and why does it attract the Wealthy?

What Else?

PPLI and PPVA can be valuable components of intricate tax plans. For instance, imagine a client receives a significant windfall resulting in substantial ordinary income in a year, such as a bonus or property sale. Utilizing a private placement product in combination with a charitable lead annuity trust can offset the tax burden while supporting charities, including private foundations.

Lastly, private placement products can also be funded through Section 1035 from existing annuities or life insurance products, offering lower pricing, liquidity, and a wide range of investment choices.

Private Placement Life Insurance is an unregistered securities product and is not subject to the same regulatory requirements as registered variable products. As such, Private Placement Life Insurance (or Annuities) should only be presented to accredited investors or qualified purchasers as described by the Securities Act of 1933.


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